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INSPECTIFY - Custom Inspection Reports

Sick of paper based forms, reports or checklists - How about converting them into a mobile based form in minutes. Inspectify can do this for you and attach the completed report to your Quotes, Jobs and Invoices.

We can also help you convert existing forms, reports or checklists that fit within the powerful features of Inspectify for only $50 per report (for a limited time).

See the video below or contact us and we will help get you up and running with mobile forms quickly.

Inspectify Demo

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BizzWerx a NSW Business Chamber Award Finalist

BizzWerx is now a finalist for the NSW Business Chamber Awards in the Super Star Start Up category.

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BizzWerx welcomes Emergency Trade Services

ETS provides emergency trade services via centralized communications and project management from 1 point of access.  They will connect clients with their network of trades (EazyBizz Users) connected to the ETS BizzWerx account.

Emergency Trade Services is a team which provides qualified trades people and professionals, no matter what you need, from simple repairs right through to major emergencies. Whether it be Residential, Commercial or Corporate sectors, they guarantee fast, efficient service and competitive rates.

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Announcing BizzWerx

BizzWerx is a powerful contractor management tool for job allocation and management.  It has fully customisable workflow management directly integrated with EazyBizz.  Some of the enhancements include:-

  • Jobs can be broken down into multiple tasks which can be allocated to separate business partners. 

  • Job Tasks each follow a unique and customised workflow steps each with full visibility by the job manager and works provider.

  • Enhanced Job allocation now includes distance to job selection slider.  A fully integrated Geo Location mapping feature is now also available.

  • The existing EazyBizz communication notes feature is now integrated into BizzWerx workflow functionality.

  • Image capture and documentation is now integrated into BizzWerxs workflow for pre-start, completion images and mandatory documents.

  • Scoping of works, Inspection reports and customer sign off forms are also now fully integrated.

Note: These features are not accessible with a standard Eazybizz account. Click the link below for details.

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Alpha Software Blog Post

Alpha Software in the United States posted an article about Eazybizz on their blog. Alpha provides a powerful rapid application development tool for web and mobile applications.

It explains how EazyBizz is a complete and fully integrated suite of business tools that includes invoice, inventory, contact managment, and HR modules all built in with full reporting capabilities.

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Quotes and Invoices now available on the Mobile App

You can now create and access existing quotes and invoices via the mobile app. The generate PDF can be emailed directly from your mobile to your client. You can also attach anything in your file cabinet including additional files and images attached to the quote or invoice.

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Inventory system now supports sub-assemblies

You can now build inventory items based on established sub-assemblies. A build button is now available for each item in the product list that can be built with this new feature. Click 'Watch Video' below for more details.